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• PowerUp 400 is an e-learning platform that aims to equip and empower you for success.

• Please make sure that you have watched the presentation of our business plan and our imdemnification portion before you proceed.

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• This is an e-learning platform used to train people to become successful in life.

We only supply information that offers guidelines to success and become financially wise. We do not guarantee success as each student must put in the work needed to achieve results.

• PowerUp400 offers non-refundable product packages starting from $150

• By enrolling you agree to download the books and complete watching the full video on every level.

• After completing this introductory video, 50% of your possible income on every next level that opens up is unlocked.

• The next 50% of your possible income is unlocked when you completed watching all the videos on that level
• You can only withdraw and/or proceed to the next level after you completed the video on the level you are on.

• At cycle 10 the second wallet amount will only be unlocked when you completed the questionaire that follows that video.

• At cycle 10 – after you completed each level and a questionaire, we will issue a downloadable certificate of completion.

Our Disclaimer
• We will provide you with training material that can transform your life positively, this will happen if the work is done and completed. However we are not responsible if any student does not do the work needed. Success is up to you.
• We have a compensation plan that motivates students to continue to learn and earn, but we cannot guarentee that any money will be paid over and we cannot be held liable if compensation does not happen.

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